Sunday, November 10, 2013

NaBloPoMo 10: Big Blue River Trail Treasure

My son sent me this photo tonight, with a text that said "Call Me."

Brian is stationed at Ft. Riley, Kansas now, and spending his spare time getting to know the lay of the land. And avid outdoorsman, he spent part of today hiking with friends along the Big Blue River. They came across this mailbox on the trail, containing a notebook, and a pen. 

Hikers and visitors to the trail are invited to leave a note in the book. It was filled with good tidings from hikers past, who noted the dates, and sometimes the weather. One message read, "The clouds are like cotton balls today," and another, in a child's handwriting, read "I like to hike."

The first message was dated August 2012, and indicated that the last book had been filled up, and was in the hands of the originator of the project.

Brian said he read through the book, but didn't leave his own message today. He'll return, prepared to compose, another day.

I'd love this, and I love that my son know I'd love it, and bothered to send the photo and tell me the story. Leaving a note in this journal is now on my own list of things to do when I visit him at the new base.

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  1. I love this. Every so often, Lithus and I run into this kind of thing. We struggle not to spend hours and hours reading every entry, instead forcing ourselves to leave our own comment or token, read only a few, and get back on the road. Be sure to tell us what Brian writes.


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