Saturday, November 02, 2013

NaBloPoMo 2: Treasured Gifts

Last December I received a text from my best friend Diane that indicated that I was going to get a box in the mail, but I should NOT open it until Christmas. No matter what!

She went on to giggle gleefully: "Ohmigod, this is the PERFECT gift for you, I thought of you the second I bought it!" And through the month, a message here and there, "you are going to LOVE it!"

What is it! What do I love?!! Is it a...pen? A candle? It's a hummingbird feeder! I love hummingbird feeders! Oh, but I love coffee, too—could it be coffee?

Christmas morning finally rolled around, and I jumped on the gift I was finally able to open. Look what was inside:


What is it? It's...I don't know. It's like...leftover molten glass, all balled up in a sloppy little knot, is what it is.

And OHMIGOD, I LOVE IT!! She was right, I love, love, love it, and I love that she saw it and thought of me, and that she bought it and packed it and shipped it.

I did a post here some years about bizarre gifts that you treasure. It's been long enough that I can ask again.

What are your oddest treasured gifts?
Who knew you well enough to pick it up?
What's the story behind it?
Have you ever had any odd gifts from someone that you didn't want to receive it from?

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  1. I've gotten loads of really great, really unexpected gifts over the years but the one that best fits the category you are talking about is from Nemeria. It is a purple skull bracelet she bought at a street fair in NYC. Completely random, and so touching that she thought of me!


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