Thursday, June 05, 2008

10 Things You Won't Find in My Kitchen

I'm out of work at work! I'm picking up Fightin Mad Mary's lastest meme: 10 things you won't find in my kitchen.
  1. Crisco. You'll be hard pressed to find vegetable oil in my house either, unless I get an urge to bake, which isn't often.
  2. White bread. Well, that was true before I met Clint. But I don't touch the stuff.
  3. Beets. gah! beets!
  4. Garlic powder. I'm a garlic snob; only use fresh.
  5. Fruit Juice. I want to drink the entire bottle, which has about 4000 calories.
  6. "Flavoring" vanilla flavoring, processed cheese food, bacon flavored bits, or any other "food-flavored" food.
  7. Powdered coffees, teas, or creamer. What in the heck would one have to do to cream to get it into a powdered form? Gives me chills to think about.
  8. Low sodium soy sauce. It's just the real stuff with water added. Why pay for 1/2 bottle of water in your soy sauce?
  9. Popsicles: Frozen flavored ice never cranked me.
  10. Grapefruit. If I have to scoop sugar on every bite to make the bitter aftertaste tolerable, I don't see the point.
What will we never find in your house?


  1. LOL at "food flavored food"

  2. Anonymous3:03 PM

    You'll never find recycled toilet paper in my house. Other than the one time my ex-wife purchased it.

  3. Anonymous3:43 PM

    ...oh yeah, you wont find olives either. Green, black, pitted stuffed with pementoes... they are all just nasty!

  4. StFarmer: How in the heck do you make a dirty martini, then? I loooooove olives; I'm in heaven with a bleu-cheese stuffed olive!

  5. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I think I just thew up in my mouth.

  6. mmm... I have jumbo olives stuffed with whole garlic cloves in my fridge right now. Yummy!

    What you won't find in my kitchen is organ meats. Why would someone want to eat something that functions as a filter to get the gunk out of an animal's system? Bleah.

  7. Anonymous2:45 AM

    1. White Bread
    2. Beets
    3. Caviar
    4. Miracle Whip
    5. Escargots
    6. Buttermilk
    7. Shallots
    8. Tamarind
    9. Persimmons
    10. Vegetable Oil

  8. You will find beets and grapefruit galore at my house. I love them both.

    If it was just me, there's plenty you wouldn't find, but Mr. Jazz is a foodie so even things I don't like are there somewhere - I think there's even a jar of caviar in the fridge (shudder). I'm with you on the food flavoured "food". And there's no white bread either.

  9. 1. Milk . Miss C can't drink it and I can't stand it, unless it's full of chocolate Quick, which I don't like too much either.

    2. Coffee, never have, never will. True has to go out and buy everytime he's over, since he's such an addict.

    3. Any tropical juice, especially those made in combinations like "Guava-Pineapple".

    4. Meat with Bones. I like all my meat boneless and skinless (if it's chicken)

    5. Vegetables. I know. It's bad. But I just can't.

    6. Any Puertorican 'delicasey'. Such as Panapen, ├▒ame, etc. My parents have tried to make me more 'local' but eek.

    7. Arenque (another local favorite). It's a black herring which is very very smelly, especially when they boil it with other stuff.


    What will you find?
    Fiji Water (I'm a water snob)
    Juicy Juice
    Lots of Gluten/Casein Free snacks
    Fresh Garlic cloves
    Boneless skinless chicken breasts

  10. Vegamite.
    Miller Lite.
    Fig Newtons.
    Processed Cheese Food Product.
    Anything articially colored blue.
    Raisin Bran.
    I Can't Believe(They Would Even Suggest)It Tastes Like Butter.
    Canned Butterscotch Pudding.
    Strawberry Nestle's Qwik.

    Things you will ALWAYS find:

    Regular blue Dawn dish soap.
    Regular SOS pads. Only.
    Third-cut (select-a-size?) paper towels.
    Cheap paper plates to go on the wicker plate holders.
    Pulp-free 100% orange juice (my 15 yr old drinks it by the gallon I think it keeps him alive)
    Interesting beer.
    Red wine.
    This list is easier.

  11. I pastied my list on my site!

    P.S. Yours is the best kitchen food evaaaaaaah! ;0)

  12. Chefann: Ha. Interesting point on organ meats; never thought of them that particular way.

    AZ: What a variety of foods you don't have! Tamarind!

    Jazz: Love the caviar, send me your can.

    Mary P: Arenque sounds awful. I MUST try it.

    Bettycat: Very good list, I have to agree with you on everything.

  13. Probably you! I use about half that stuff.... :) None of the following: beets, Brussels sprouts, soy milk, canned vegetables other than corn, mushrooms, or tomatoes, frozen dinners, tofu, cucumbers, microwave popcorn, and pork rinds! And your comment on a blu cheese stuffed green olive? I'll split a bowl with you anyday!

  14. Good list! Except for the beets part. Love love love beets. (I think you would like my borscht.) ;)

  15. Won't find beets in MY kitchen either. They call them "beet root" here. They're still nasty.

    And I can't stand lamb...which means poor John doesn't get any lamb until he's at his mum's or at a restaurant...and sitting a LONG way from me!

    Great list!


  16. No matter how many times I try it I can't like eggplant, so that's never in my kitchen. What's in my kitchen has changed drastically since Jack's arrival (7 years ago!) so now there's plenty of Kraft mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, other kid friendly, preservative-laden food because I'm too weak to force him to eat a green bean. ALWAYS in my kitchen: pickled beets. And pickles. Olives. I like things in vinegar and brine.


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