Monday, June 30, 2008

Public Service Announcement to Central Illinoisians

Fireflies are out!

9 p.m. tonight, or any night for the next week or so: Get into your car, drive a few miles to any given countryside, around 9 p.m. Beanfields are preferable. If you can't find a beanfield around another 1/4 mile down the road. Ah, there's one!

The lightshow will be spectacular.

And free.

Don't miss it.


  1. Thanks for the public service. Coincidentally, a friend recently mentioned to me that some years ago she'd experienced a wonderful firefly-related thing on the Monticello Rd. one night. I must get out and see for myself! I would love that.

  2. That brings back strong memories of when I was a kid - both in Tulsa and in downstate Illinois. It always seemed like magic to me!

    Sadly, there are no insects like fireflies here in the UK.


  3. If you can't make it out to the country, there's a park district lane that runs from Meadowbrook Park, through woodsy area along a creek, to Scottsdale drive, and on further; The fireflies light up the trees beautifully there too.

    Janet: They are magical, and almost impossible to photograph to capture their essence. I love them!

  4. We are a few weeks ahead of you here with the fireflies coming out. I was so happy to see them in my backyard, which is nice and dark thanks to big shade trees. It always feels to me like summer has officially started when I see them for the first time.

  5. Is that your photo? It's fabulous! No fireflies here in Arizona. I guess it's the lack of humidity (but that doesn't deter the mosquitos [or is it mosquitoes? Damn Dan Quail!]). Sometimes I'll read a book with fireflies in it to the kids in my class, and I have to explain to them what fireflies are!


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