Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Market Report: June 24, 2008

We were in and out early on Saturday morning, but there's no denying that the Farmer's Market is really starting to blossom. I enjoy watching the progression each week, as tables become fuller, and more and more spaces are filled by vendors. There are still a few empty spots left...

but we all know that these will be filled with mountains of green beans, fresh corn, watermelon, and cantaloupe, in the next few weeks.

Greens are greening like crazy, and they're peppered with red and white radishes now.

There are mountains of peas also: snow peas and shelling peas are abundant.

Unfortunately, we got there too late for basil. The basil is what gets me out of bed early on a Saturday morning, and on my way to the market. I'll chop it, freeze it, dry it, and make enough pesto to get me through the winter.

Basil lovers really do have to take advantage of that $2.00 price tag. After paying that, you just can't bring yourself to cough up grocery store prices of $3.99 for a sprig of the stuff, come December.

Side note on Arugula: I don't know if you're familiar with the taste, but the vendor at Blue Moon once described it to us as tasting like "a burnt clutch." He was so on the money that it comes to mind every time I eat the stuff...which is as often as I can.

New potatoes are coming up. Steam these and toss them with a little butter and fresh chives, and you have a side dish from heaven.

Potted and fresh-cut flowers are now blooming like crazy also. I am, unfortunately, too busy this summer to really enjoy either. Admiring them at the market once a week will have to do, and next year, but I'll be taking full advantage!

Clint and I have coined the North end of the market "Pester Alley." Conversations, photo-ops, and thought processes are interrupted with people representing political, religious, and other charitable organizations, asking you to take their literature or sign their petitions. I want to say something affectionate about it, but honestly, it's an annoying loop, week after week. Isn't there a secret handshake or button I can wear to indicate that I got this schpiel last Saturday?

No matter; we rush around it and move on. Because Papa George is back!

Whoo hoo! Fresh Dolmades for breakfast is one of my favorite things about the market. $3 gets you 5.
Breakfast of champions—although I may have to spring for the spinach and feta pie next weekend.

See you there!


  1. Did you know that arugula is also called rocket? Your market looks so lush; Farmer's Markets in Tucson are more like craft fairs. It's just too damned hot to coax anything out of the ground here.

  2. Our organic market just started last weekend. Not much in the way of veggies yet (way too early in the season up here), but we did buy a bag of arugula. I love the stuff....

  3. Too bad you don't live close by. I have tons of Basil that I am about to hit with the weedwacker. I over planted this year. We got hit with the political stuff this past week too at our market. Some anti American was handing out anti war material and I refused to take it. My bad.

  4. The produce at the market is so wonderful, and, as you pointed out, getting better all the time. Thanks for the great report! (I love arugula, too, by the way.)

    We avoid the north end of the market like the plague. If we have to go by those tables, I mutter, "I don't come to the farmers' market to sign your petitions or to discuss politics, thank you very much!" under my breath until we're in the clear. ;)


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