Friday, June 13, 2008

10,000 Calorie Mashed Potatoes
& Enjoying My Kid's Time Off

Although we've been busy, I've still been on Cloud #9 for the last couple weeks, since Brian's been home. I'm pleasantly surprised that Brian & Company haven't been eating out for dinner, but prefer to hang out at my house.

Whoopee! We're cookin, baby! Burgers & brats! Italian Beef! Spaghetti! Cajun Chicken! Homemade macaroni and cheese! Kabobs!

Johnny polishes off the Mac & Cheese
(Paula Deen's recipe, modified and baked instead of slow-cooked)

And of course, 10,000-Calorie Mashed Potatoes. I fixed 5 entire pounds of them for the boys Monday night. I asked Brian to pose with the bowl of potatoes that he's waited 9 months for, and just as I took the pic,

It's really good to have him home.

10,000 Calorie Mashed Potatoes

5 lbs of potatoes: don't, for the love of God, peel them! Just chop them coarsely and boil them in water with a little salt

Then mash them with
  • Half & Half
  • At LEAST one stick of butter
  • Sour cream
  • Bacon bits (REAL bacon bits, not bacon-flavored bits. You can buy them or make them yourself)
I began to feel guilty with all of that, and asked Brian if he thought I should add cheese too. He looked at me like I was crazy. "YES!"
  • Cheddar cheese
Add all that until they're as whippy as you'd like.

Loosen the top button on your pants and eat.

Unrelated Note: I always knew how to spell "potatoes" until Dan Quayle screwed it up. It was such a huge issue that now I have "Potatoes Anxiety" every time I type "potatoes," and honest to God, go and look it up on


  1. *SMILES*

    My new favorite "Mr. Potato Head"

  2. HA! Those taters sound *awesome*....

    I'm curious though, after all that time in the desert *now* he gets sunburnt?

  3. In the desert he had a luxurious uniform on, covering pretty much every inch of his skin...

    Here, he has tank tops. And a new convertible.

  4. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Lori - what time's dinner? I have had spelling anxiety since Quayle as well - finally, I find someone else! Too funny! Glad that you are having a great time!

  5. Anonymous2:36 PM

    YUM! I want those NOW.
    If you keep cooking like that, those boys will keep hanging around! (And I might show up, too)

  6. lucky devils...

  7. Great pic! Love Brian poses!!

    I don't know anyone who could pass up a Lori meal!

  8. I still haven't perfected my mac n cheese, can I get that recipe? He just seemed to be enjoying it so much!

  9. always good eatin' at your place. I've been making mac 'n cheese myself since Jack proclaims Boston Market to have the. best. mac. and. cheese. ever. That's a Velveeta recipe, and prefer the real cheddar stuff.


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