Friday, October 28, 2005

Bum Card #2

If I may, I'd like to waste your time for just a few more minutes:

The Booze News has spoken:

Last week was the premier of “The Bum Trading Card” and it seems like people either like it or hated it. For those who hated it, it was extremely nice of you to send lengthy emails and post us on your blogs, but in the end you just wasted a bunch of people’s time and didn’t help anyone. Rather than blame us for their situation, get up from your computer and go work in a soup kitchen.

Anon: I respectfully ask you to take just ONE more look at the Bum Trading Card #2 link, and read the stats on this weeks 22-year old young man.

I wonder, do you still find honor in their intent, of "elevating the homeless out of invisibility?"

Am I turning into a dour old closed-minded school marm with no sense of humor?

I do not blame The Booze News for Richard or Sean's situation. I still find the cards tasteless, condescending and inappropriate, and I'll waste my time and yours saying so if I choose to.

And they're right, volunteering in a soup kitchen would do me no harm.

Until then, I will continue, as I always have when solicited, sending along whatever few bucks I can to support these two local charities:

The TIMES Mens' Emergency Shelter
70 E. Washington Street
Champaign IL

A Woman's Fund
501 W. Church Street
Champaign, IL 61821

There are plenty more where those came from:


  1. Gnitegirl .. Donot blame them ..

    Just have a soup ..

    Nice one for those who have not seen it


  2. Good blog.

    Volunteer at the soup kitchen. (Get soup thrown on you?)

    I'm just kidding.

  3. Anonymous5:24 PM

    hopefully they'll eventually pull the series. hopefully.

  4. Anonymous8:30 PM

    As requested I looked into the #2 trading card. Sean is an interesting fellow to say the least, however I still think the intent behind the cards may be a good one. As suggested by journaljim it could have been presented in a better way but I question your assumption that The BoozeNews intent was strictly for entertainment value. And as I said before I could be wrong. While it may seem my comments are some sort of personal attack on you that is not the case. You are entitled to express your opinions as I am to express mine...and The BoozeNews to theirs. Whatever their intent might be regarding the trading cards, it has people thinking and expressing their opinions, a good thing in my book. Tastless, condescending and inappropriate? I read an article about a woman whose neighbors demanded she remove several "tombstones" from her Halloween display because the R.I.P's read I.P. Freely, Semore Butz, Hugh Jazz, etc. In poor taste or just a little fun?
    Not exactly apples and oranges but...
    "Quis Custodiet Ipos Custodes"

  5. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I know the responses are varied; I showed the card to my son Brian and one of his friends--both 19, and of the general age the BN is trying to target, I think. His friend split his gut laughing, and Brian shook his head and said, "that isn't right."

    And, although I'll admit to being slightly riled at the last couple of CJ comments, I don't see your comments as an attack.

    You've kept me honest and convicted to my opinons; I have a kneejerk instinct to make myself appear nicer than I might really be; you've given me pause to reflect and decide that I'd rather have the courage to let it all hang out.

    [In the meantime, I'm going to walk around feeling good that I raised a kid that thinks that Trading card is NOT funny!]


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