Thursday, October 20, 2005

Let there be Seaboat in Heaven. Amen.

I am not a franchise sort of girl; I prefer to frequent small businesses. I'm going to blog about a few of my favorite places now and in the future, in hopes of convincing you to do likewise. If you can't make it to Champaign to meet us for dinner or shopping, then start exploring your own neighborhoods NOW for similar establishments. The food's better, and people are nicer. It's win-win.


The Seaboat.
1114 N. Market Street

Get ready to carry out the best fish sandwich you've ever eaten in your life. One will easily feed two, for only $5. I can't decide which is better, "The Seaboat" sandwich or their shrimp and rice, a combination of white rice, shrimp and a secret spice/sauce recipe. Again, $5 will get you a vat of this stuff enough to fill two people.

The ingredients are fresh, and most dishes are cooked while you wait. Other offerings there include shrimp dinners, chicken tenders, spaghetti, and sweet potato pie.

It's family-owned and operated; the atmosphere is jovial and friendly, and the place is usually bustling. Their sandwich is voted The Best Fish Sandwich, in this town, year after year after year.

Oh, I might mention that it's in a "Bad Neighborhood." There are those that would *like* to try a Seaboat Sandwich, but worry about that bad 'ol neighborhood.

To you I say "Get Over Yourself!!" You're going to stand in line with mama's and papa's and brothers and sons, while more mama's and grandmama's whip up a fantastic hot meal, and you're going to chat about "what is bean pie anyway?"

This is one "poor neighborhood" that I hope ends up in Heaven.


  1. I love Seaboat and I miss those fish sandwiches. They are delicious and I think they rival the long-departed Deluxe's fish sandwiches. It has to be just the right amount of batter, not greasy and not dry. The Seaboat has got it down!

  2. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I was really disappointed when they weren't at the taste of CU this year. RS

  3. Well the idea of good taste glands people donot understand ...

    I have been to this place for quite a few times .. The people there are so sweet and nice ....


  4. Nice picture. You're right. Sometimes eating just around the corner from home is far more satisfying than traversing through traffic jam for a mediocre meal. Three sundays in a row...I've been having porridge at the same place. Gorgeous gorgeous...and the folks there bring me my drink even before I say anything. Now that's what I call SERVICE

  5. Edina:

    Oh tell me, what IS porridge? It is a food of fairytales here (Goldilocks eats it, in The Three Bears), and I've never figured out if it's soup or oatmeal!

    If it's anything that looks as good as the food you post on your blog, I WANT some!

  6. I sure hope there is Seaboat in heaven, too!

    (And sometime this weekend.)

  7. when I next blog..I'll post a picture of porridge just for you. It's soupy rice...very nourishing and leaves you wanting more. The Asian version of chicken soup for the flu.I missed my porridge this week:(

  8. Edina: I can hardly wait to see that pic, and thanks for clearing up the porridge mystery!


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