Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sunday afternoon

The leaves are turning, NOW! It's almost as if you could take a seat, and watch them change before your very eyes. I am taking the long way home, constantly resisting the urge to pull over and take just one more picture...


  1. Hello! GREAT blog -- which I found because of the link on Mr. Greg's blog. Keep up the good work, and I'll come by from time to time to see what you're writing about.



  2. Aaaaaah there's a nice picture. Sometimes I wish Malaysia has more seasons...we have..
    1.sunny weather..
    2.rainy season...
    3.the "monsoon" ( always wondered what's the difference between 2/3 )
    4.dry season...( no rain for one week qualifies for this I guess)

  3. Hi Janet! Nice to meet you! Thanks for the kind words, and hope to hear more from you! Cool blog yourself, love the pix!

    Edina: Where's your snow/ice/wind/yuck season?!! The one we live through every year, but complain madly as if it's the first time we've encountered it? You don't get one of those?

  4. Here in NY we have two seasons.
    May-August it's HOT and sticky! Sept-April it's COLD and miserable!
    That would be summer and winter respectively. Spring and fall here are one day doorways between Summer and Winter. Just one man's perspective.

  5. In Tucson we have 4 months of hellish heat, then 8 months of fine, fine weather. We're on the cusp between right now: still 86 or so during the day, but nights fall into the 50s.

    Most years it's too hot for the kids to even WEAR their Halloween costumes.

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  7. SS: What do the rattlesnakes wear on halloween?


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