Thursday, October 27, 2005


Look at my cute new dishes; I finally got dishes, after 14 months of eating off of a set of $2.50 plastic dishes that Target sold to incoming UI students. PLUS these are the first dishes I ever picked out for myself; I was not a sophisticated, "register-at-Macy's" sort of young bride.

NOW, I can pitch the plastic ones, and get rid of all the old mugs, and have nothing but pretty new dishes in my little kitchen.


#1: Flowers were delivered in this mug, from a special friend.

#2: Mojo mug; it has a cute red travel lid, Carol gave it to me in 1989.

#3: Diane gave that mug to Brian when he was 9, along with a tin of chocolate-covered-cherry hot cocoa mix.

#4: Also from Diane to Brian, a mug that says "Bite ME" on it.

#5: Ok, this mug is crap, I can get rid of it.

#6: "I'll Get You, My Pretty"; a mug from Princess P's trip to the MGM hotel in Las Vegas. She probably doesn't remember she gave it to me; but I do.

#7: A stuffer in one of Brian's stockings. It has his name over and over in 10 different languages. I can't get rid of the Brian, brian, brian mug!

#8: Awww, hand painted in Cub Scouts, "Happy Mother's Day" it says. That one stays.

#9: The Holy Grail of all coffee mugs: Woke up in August '81 in my father's house, went home that night with my new husband. I was 18, and this was the first thing I ever purchased for myself as an "adult"...on my Disney World, Mickey Mouse honeymoon. Gallons and gallons of hot tea served up in that mug.

Fine. I'll move some of the Gladware around, and #5 can go to the Goodwill bin, but I have to keep the rest; they have history.


  1. I do remember the "I'll get you, my pretty" mug. I had one too, but I think it was smuggled out of the country to Turkey right under my nose.

  2. The new dishes are way cool, but I'd have a hard time saying goodbye to the old friends.

  3. The new dishes are gorgeous, and ten years from now (or five), they'll have their own pack of memories. I'm just glad glasses break, or I'd need a warehouse for all my old kitchenware.

  4. I love your new dishes .. They look awesome ..


  5. Nice new dishes indeed! Enjoy!~

  6. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Those look good. Goes with your colors & theme! I don't think I'd seen the chairs before either. Didn't think you would consider parting with your cups.


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