Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Heaven: The Original Gated Community

No 'hoods in Heaven? Hallelujah! Step right up folks, and convert thyselves to Christianity, because whoseover believeth in him shall walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death into the gold-paved streets of an Influential Neighborhood.

Do I hear an AMEN?


Sigh. Who knew the Gates of Heaven would turn out to be an actual gated community?


  1. I should not comment on this as I donot belive in God ..

    That is awesome .. I like the saying ... Could say more but many might me offended with my ideas abt GOD.


  2. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I'm hoping your little tirade was tongue in cheek and not poking God with a stick to see Her reaction.

    To Ilaiy
    Don't worry, even if you don't believe in God She still believes in you.

  3. oh, funny. typesetters get the most out of this kind of joke.

  4. As always, I'm banking on Her sense of humor.

  5. I saw this sign while driving around earlier this week. I had the opposite reaction that you did, though. The sign kinda comforted me. (Maybe my brain filled in the words they forgot). No one will go hungry in heaven - there won't be any RICH neighborhoods in heaven either - so those Joneses better watch their back!!!

    Edward's favorite church sign reads: It's hard to stumble when you're on your knees.

  6. Momo, you're do much nicer than I am! :-D

    The sign rankled me; my first reaction was "oh! They did not! Did they really?"

    Even though I HOPED that their message was mean to be "no poverty, no starvation, no misery," I thought it could have been better-phrased. It was just thiiiiiiiiiiis far away from "no poor people in heaven"...which I suppose could also have been open to interpretation. As is all religion, I guess.

    I'll admit also to locking horns with a few condescending deacons in churches past, and deciding to postpone putting my energies into organized religion until I'm a little blue-haired old lady.

    Or maybe until my son joins the military?


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