Monday, October 10, 2005

Photographic Surprise #1

I love toying with photography; I am one of those folk always carrying a camera to every event, and often, to no event at all. Missing a photo-op irks me to no end. When crawling or climbing, or permissions are required for my perfect shot, I am sometimes bold, and sometimes meek. I grumble for ages after missing a shot due to a bout of insecurity. I've been incensed for weeks over missing the running nuns (August blog).

I snap and snap and snap. I experiment, try to catch a mood, a light, a scene. I stage photos for websites, practical jokes, inside jokes, christmas and birthday cards, and e-mails. The highlights are printed at home, the best are printed professionally and framed, and some have been entered in amateur photo contests, for kicks. And, most are deleted. I tried.

I always zoom in and go over every square inch of photos (mine and yours too!) looking for things I hadn't noticed when I took the picture, or looking for a photo within the photo— maybe there's something amazing that I can crop out, to make another image.

I often find something surprising, especially when I'm taking busy scenes, while on the run, or site-seeing. I have been thrilled, amused, and also heartbroken, to see what I have accidentally captured when I scour my photos.

Here is a shot from a fish market in Chinatown (NY) that I brought home with me, and tooled around with. I'd lightened it a bit, and zoomed in, started at the left corner, moving down, back up, checking out the neon sign, the shopping bags, the employee's boots, the fish, the clock, the scale, OH!

Oh Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Yay, I brought home a friendly face, too! Two of them actually! Ha!

I want to run and find them, and tell these guys "thanks for waving at me! It totally made my day—3 months later!"


  1. Awesome! This is great. BTW I replied to your bird whisperer post below.

    PS check out
    for some of my art and music crap. Methinks you might likey.

  2. What a nice surprise to find those smiling faces.

    You take great pictures. I understand your frustrations of missing a shot - I just missed one of my cats yesterday and it's killing me!!

    And please don't look too hard in my pictures - you might find dust or clutter or who-knows-what.

  3. Isn't it great, when you spot things like that... I think one of the guys was doing a Dr.Evil spoof from Austin Powers!

  4. PSSSSSssssssst, AndyT: Way ahead of you, dude, love your paintings, hope to talk to you more about them later.

    Momo: I'm not scrutinizing for dust! Lord knows when I go looking for dirt in *my* house, I have no problem finding it. I'm looking for AHT, DAHLING; something we can SELL that will make us independently wealthy so that we can quit our jobs and build a heated shelter at Le Cafe Kopi.

    Kurios: Doh! It IS Dr. Evil/Mini Me! Way to burst my bubble, I thought we might have had something, me and the anonymous winker/waver!

  5. OK, please, PUH-LEASE keep looking for AHT, Dahling!!!

  6. I enjoy taking pictures also. I would like to eventually take classes to become a better photographer.

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