Sunday, October 23, 2005

Does anyone know?

Do these buttons have any actual electrical wiring connected to them, or are they mere pedestrian pacifiers?


  1. I don't know about C-U, but in LA they really do work. You won't get the "Walk" signal or it changes into "Don't walk" too quickly to cross the street if you don't press the button. Plus, it just makes me feel better to push it.

  2. In Tucson they work, too. You won't get the "WALK" sign (even when the light turns green) unless you push the button. Plus, it annoys Dave to no end when I push the button, so I push it every chance I get because there are so few things that annoy him!

    Also, in Tucson there are a few pedestrian crosswalks, completely unrelated to any traffic light, smack-dab in the middle of busy streets. When you push the button there you pray holy hell that motorists will stop when the lights start flashing.

    Bad idea, IMHO.

  3. That button pushing annoys Dave? I'll bet pushing the up/down elevator button after it's already lit will drive him crazy too! Try it!!

    (I'm just trying to help.)

  4. I say it is a "Blinky" binky...

    Definitely a pacifier.. at least, here in NYC!

  5. Well, I think they're just stuck to the side of the crossing lights with a wad of chewing gum here.

  6. Pushing the button alerts the operator in the secret underground control room to allow traffic to continue meandering through a bit longer, then to decrease the amount of walk time that the signal would normally allow. This happens, of course, after your fingerprint has been scanned and/or categorized. I'm not crazy, by the way--this is a FACT!

  7. woof: I stand corrected. Thanks for your very educated and informed response.

  8. They seem to me to actually work most of the time just about everywhere I've been and that's quite a few spots. The close door button in elevators is not wired to anything 90% of the time however.

  9. Well .. It has never worked for me .. and pressing 4/5 times doesnot help and work for urgency ..

    Well may be woof system actually worked .. May be they are not understanding my urgency because I am ... OMG ..



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