Monday, October 31, 2005

One Man's Junk...

...turned out to be my treasure.

Remember that garage sale that I had with Bob a few weeks ago? When we were setting up, I began to put a rusty old clock out on the table, and Bob said, "pitch that; it's junk." PITCH it? Awwww, it was kind of cool, in it's day. And it could kind of fit into my decor, which I'm calling RetroGarrish.

Heh. Pitch it I did...right into the back of my car. I tore it apart and polished it up. Well, I tried to polish it up. I was whistling and polishing my little heart out when one of Brian's friends pointed out, "uh, I think you're making it worse." He was right. I wasn't polishing brass, I was removing paint.

A trip to the craft store then, a little gold paint, the clock was finally aesthetically pleasing, if not functional. Brian and I tried to install a new motor, but we couldn't quite modify the hands to fit without running the risk of destroying them. I turned to the yellow pages, found a man that repairs clocks out of his home, and dropped it off to him for a few days.

Voila! I picked up my New Old clock last Friday, and I love it!


  1. Move over, Martha Stewart...Lori has ARRIVED!

  2. It looks cool. Maybe the next time I come up I'll swing by and see it with the rest of the retrogarrish stuff. LOL

  3. ooh, I love it! What the hell does $300-a-garage-sale Bob know? ;-)

  4. Awesome! Retro-Garish! That's fabulously hideolus. I love it! Great work! :-)

  5. It looks great!! RetroGarrish will soon be sweeping the country!

  6. RC: I'm not sure Martha ever went dumpster diving for her crafts, but it might well be in her future.

    Whitered: C'mon down. Give me a 1/2 heads up, so I can sweep stuff under the rug, and make you believe I'm tidier than I am.

    SS: I'm sure Bob's kicking himself; I would have given him a quarter for that clock!

    Andy & Momo: Aw, shucks, thanks. When the house is done, I'll start doing my makeup in the same R-G fashion, so I'll fit right in


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