Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Re-enactment of the CU Blogger Meet Up

What's the big idea of everyone announcing an CU Blogger Meet-up at the Esquire last night, then not showing?!! Momo and I arrived a little after 5, as instructed, and Gamera Gabs stopped at our table, to ask if we were the blogger party.

We guessed we were, so sit down! Gamera and I worked together for years, and I'd read her blog, not knowing it was her, so that was cool.

Well, three's enough for a party; we whooped it up and talked about the rest of you behind your backs until midnight for 90 minutes before we had to leave for another engagement.

Do over!


  1. How rude! Call a party and not show up! Fie! Well you got to party anyway, so rock on. Sorry again about your kitty. I know that's tough. I must say I didn't think it was possible, but you look even sexier in those glasses.
    Hot! Cheers Dahlink!

  2. Eep! I had said I couldn't make this one on my blog, but still feel bad! I agree, do over, but perhaps on a weekend evening?

  3. Andy. thanks and thanks. mwah!

    Mal: Don't feel bad! You canceled ahead of time, and we only said nice-nice things about you. :-)

  4. I planned on showing up, then the shaved yeti pulled up as I was waiting for my bus and put a crudely written letter in my hand. It was his resignation letter to his current employers. It was definitely his night.

  5. Well, we actually DID say, "Where is Charles?" and "we should have called him" and "I'm sure this is more important than working on his new house."

    Next time!

  6. That's not fair. When do we get to talk behind your back.

    Ilay and I have been planning to get together for some but haven't been able to so far. That would be one opportunity I guess :)

  7. TDNA: You tell me what he says about me!!! It's all a pack of lies, lies, I tell you.

    I heard you're going to meet up. Someone: take a camera already!

  8. Not enough publicity beforehand- I definitely would have come, but didn't hear about it until Matt of itsmattsworld announced he was leaving for it, umm... the day of. More publicity (and preferably at least one post on the Chambana Livejournal!)


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