Monday, September 04, 2006

Oh, no, you di-unt!

Still having a blast in LA, have lots of pix to share, and stories to accompany them...later. I have just a minute now, before taking off for the Hermosa Beach Art Festival, but here's a little something that speaks for itself.

This little family milled around either behind us or in front of us for a little over an hour on the Venice Beach boardwalk yesterday. You'll need the volume to understand why it was so maddening.

Yes. That's the baby shoes.


  1. (squeek) That (squeek) could (squeek) become (squeek) so (squeek) annoying (squeek) if (squeek) I (squeek) had (squeek) to (squeek) listen (squeek) to (squeek) it (squeek) all (squeek) after(squeek)noon (squeek).

  2. Butterfly Boy was at the Hermosa Beach Art Festival. That's a meeting I would have loved to have seen.

    The video isn't playing for me right now. :( I'll be back.

  3. Why on earth would anyone do that to anyone, expecially a little toddler?

    Hope you are having fun.

    Any star sightings?

  4. I'm afraid I might have hurt the kid!

  5. ROFL! I need to get them and wear them to work!

  6. Wil: (squeek) Your (squeek) says (squeek) it(squeek) all.

    BP: Dang! He totally could have met us for lunch. I'm kicking myself for not putting out the APB earlier!

    Nancy: I have to wonder if they don't even hear it any more. Like not being able to smell your own perfume!

    Wendy: Yes. Animosity towards their child is what they induced. What were they THINKING?

    TDNA: Hm. Not sure they make these in your size. Still, a visit to Petsmart might unearth something you can wear in your shoes...or your armpits, whatever works.

  7. Were those with the kid immune to the noise or what?

    Yes I patiently waited for that video to play

  8. If I had children I might have them wear those shoes to a big crowded least you know where the kid is so they can't run off to far, just follow the squeek.

    Gnightgirl - I just got back into town so if you are still in LA I'd love to meet up with you for drinks...


  9. Barry: I hope it was worth it! Can you believe it's only an 8-second clip?

    Mary: I'm trying to email you right now but gmail isn't working. I'm home now, but I PROMISE to look you up on my next trip to LA! Can hardly wait!

  10. Oh my God!!!!

    My Ex got those same sandals for my daughter...and the other days she insisted on wearing them to Walgreens...!!!!

    Wasn't I having fun getting my prescriptions!!!!??

    It is not to anyone's surprise that they have been 'missing' ever since..

  11. Hilarious! I mean...if you're me. And I'm with you, those shoes would somehow become "lost" out the car window.

  12. I came back and got the video play. Kinda wish I hadn't. have my utmost respect for not having ripped those suckers off that poor child's feet and beaten the adults responsible with them!

  13. BP: I'm definitely dragging you to LA with me next time, just to watch the bludgeoning. All we did was roll our eyes and grit our teeth, which was no solution to the problem.


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