Friday, September 22, 2006

What a week.

Lawd'a'mercy, this one was tumultuous. Heartache interlaced with chaos, and then there was 5 trips to 3 Verizon stores and still a dead cel phone, until the mail arrives on Monday. Everything happens to me.


Pity Party is Officially Over.

(All in favor, say aye.)

The Good News Is, I've got all I need to recuperate, on this exciting Friday night:

Comfy sweats pushed up to my knees. A choice of 3 rented movies. Trader Joe's crabcakes in the oven. A crappy bottle of champagne. And a canvas in front of me, that a drawing will be transferred to by night's end.

The weekend's looking good too. If the tornado's hold off, a potential festival tomorrow, followed by a nice, wholesome, "fix your own pizza" party tomorrow night. (BYOB).

I am nothing if not resilient.

We will resume regularly-scheduled blogging soon.


  1. Cover your ankles, you naughty girl!

  2. Larry: My ankles ARE covered, with Bavarian Lederhosen socks, of course, which I never remove. :blush:

  3. Sounds like a dream!

  4. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I can so commisurate with you over the cell phone. I hate my cell phone, I didn't pick it out and just found out I'm stuck with it for 2 years unless I buy a new full price of course. Curses to Verizon
    Glad the pity party is over and your blogging again..I was creeped out by the spider everytime I clicked on your blog.

  5. I sooo need a comfy weekend in sweats with cheap wine and flicks!!

    Hurrah for the end of pitty parties!


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