Sunday, September 24, 2006

A little levity

While having lunch at great little cajun place along Hermosa Beach, Lori pointed out this little girl, just outside our window. The pen next to her is full of fluffy little yippy dogs. "I'm trying to figure out if that's a real dog in her lap," Lori said.

We spent about 5 minutes, flip-flopping back and forth whether the thing was real or not; was it just one of the puppies from that cage? Why is she holding it like that?

Then she unzipped the thing and put her hand right into it's back. Oh! Startling at first, but we had our answer:

That thing is her purse.


  1. I wonder if it barks!

  2. haha it kind of looks like a bunny to me.

  3. No sooner do I email asking what's up when I get my answer from your blog. Sounds like things are good. Rock on!

  4. I had one...still have one..but it's a turtle...I used to wear it to go turtle / red's name:

    Benjamin Guzman aka Benjie...

    Great dancer..excellent designated

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  6. Got to watch where
    you stick your hand


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