Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Warning to All Bloggers

If I find out that you're having a party when I'm in your vicinity, I WILL show up. Don't believe me? Ask fellow blogger Larry Jones at www.revision99.com, and his wife, Barb.

Ok, I didn't out-and-out crash it, I did have a shout-out: food and music at his place on Sunday. Be There or Be Square! I just don't think he believed I'd actually show up, with an entourage of 2.

We hit Larry's street around 8 on Sunday night. The fun had started 6 hours before, and all we had to do by the time we arrived was follow the music. How many backyard band parties can there be; this has to be the place! Yippeee!

It was just lovely from the get-go. The minute we stepped in, Larry's friends pulled up chairs for us, not even knowing who we were. I noted Larry singing his heart out on stage, and asked his friend to point me to Barb. I thought I should at least notify the owners of the house that we were infiltrating.

Before I go on, I'd like you to mull this over for just a second: How many women do you know, who, when their husbands might suggest that a strange far away girl who reads his blog—"uh, honey, can she come to the party too?"—wouldn't end up putting a cast-iron skillet across said husband's skull? Clunk!

I took a scientific poll of one married female friend. I asked her, "If Mike told you that some chick he reads on the net was coming over for brats..." That's about as far as I got before she excused herself to clunk Mike on the head just for good measure. 100% of the woman I polled said "I don't freakin' think so."

But here's the thing. When I introduced myself to Barb, she HUGGED me. And she pointed out who was who on the stage, and told me where to find beverages, and said sweet things about how exciting it all was that we were there.

(Still trying to figure out that night-time action shot.
Next time, will the band please stand still?)

And Larry (Hi, Lar!) was equally warm, and said "hey, hi" over the microphone, and when he got a break ushered us in the house to talk and give me chocolate cake—a crumb of which I found stuck to my neck when I got home, how embarrassing. I hope they thought it was a beauty mark.

But the Larry got back to the music, and we had a few beers and danced to Johnny B. Goode, and sang along with many more, before we took our leave around 11.

Look how much fun we're having!

Larry & Barb's Big Bash was a major highlight on my trip to LA. Meeting and making new friends along with a little song and dance; does it get any better than that? Everyone was so welcoming that I found it difficult to remember that I haven't known them all for years.

Well, they're stuck with me now, officially on the Christmas card list, and fishing for an invitation to next year's party.

Larry and Barb:

Thank you. You have a standing invitation to Champaign, Illinois. If I'm not having a party that weekend, well...I am now!



  1. I always love stopping in and reading your adventures.

    Oh, and for the record, my wife would be just like Barb. No jealousy, just happy to meet friends. So come on down to Nashville whenever. The honky tonks await!

  2. How can I not comment on this?

    What a treat to meet you in person! Your visit made it officially The Best Party Ever. I saw the Midwest contingent dancing to Johnny B. Goode, and I wished my too-cool California friends could shake it loose and join you.

    Barb is not worried about me around other women, even though Gnight Girl is smokin' hot, probably because she remembers how long it took me to make a move on her. I'm so shy she no doubt figures she's got several years before there's any danger.

    Next year remember: The party starts at 2 o'clock. Bring your friends and each of you ask a tragically hip Californian to dance.

  3. Sounds like a blast. We'll make a party for you here! Come soon....

  4. That is so awesome!!! Bringing cyber and real life together...It's a new world! :) And it's smaller than ever. Glad you got to go to the party, and now you've widened your circle even bigger. I'm inspired!

  5. Thas so amazing and cul to have us over .. It was so much of fun and party ...

    Thanks larry .


  6. How amazingly cool! There are so many folks on here I would love to meet in real life (including you), but you never have the opportunity. Kudos for taking the bull by the horns.

    Sooooo, if you are in southern Indiana on October 7th - there will be a party in our backyard. No band, but damn good wine and food. Come on down!

  7. You are just so wonderful who wouldn't love to have you at their party? Jealousy is a silly emotion.
    If you find out how I can stop feeling it myself please let me know. Alas since I have no one to cast iron skillet my noggin now I'll just do as I damned well please. How about them apples?

  8. Anonymous3:03 PM

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  9. I envy you!!!!

    We need to do some kind of tropical getaway blogger party!!

  10. Sounds like a very cool party, decent people and now I have another blog to check out. I already have you down for my wedding....in the meantime, keep us posted on other places you plan on crashing.

  11. Great idea Mary Poppins!

  12. Well, quite frankly I'd be affronted if I found out you were on the same continent and hadn't stopped in to say hi!

    Sounds like you had a cracking time!


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