Friday, September 01, 2006

Los Angeles loves me

Look, they named a street after me, and they even put it in Illini colors.

Yup, kids, I'm on vuh-cation. Don't you dare make fun of me for blogging while I'm here; It's my party and I can blog if I want to!

Lori picked me up at the airport yesterday morning, and before we retired last night (23 hours after I woke up to hit the road), we had been to the beach, lunch at a World Cafe, strolled around Santa Monica, hit a farmer's market, got manicures and pedicures, sushi for dinner, and had a few beers in a cozy little dive called The Lost & Found.

Oh, and I took about 200 photos in the interim. Here a few I liked, at day's end:

The Thursday Farmer's Market in Westwood proved to be bountiful, in both fruits and photos. Here's a sampling, and if you want to see the works, see My SmugMug Gallery.

I've just had a beautiful breakfast, am going to hit the showers and hit the streets for Day 2.


  1. Thats sounds like a lot of fun .. Missed it .. Hmm ..

    Have to start searching where they have named my street ..


  2. Heck, They even put up electric signs that forces people to actually stop and read your name. How special.

    Even hired "Little Green Men" to keep an eye on things.

  3. Dandy pics! Good fun! Have a nice vacation babes!

  4. I am a selfish, selfish Pobble. Knowing you were on vacation, knowing you wouldn't be blogging, I stopped by Just In Case. And didn't even *think* GNG, why are you blogging? Instead I thought "Oh TTG! She's BLOGGING!"

    Yep, that's me. The selfish one. :)

  5. The Lori's are having fun! Yay!!

    Can't wait to see more!

  6. I'm jealous!!Have a great time.

  7. I loved blogging on vacation! (Last year I suddenly felt close to home sitting in an internet cafe in Zanazibar and blogging). :)

    Keep it up--and then I can live it vicariously as sadly I've run out of vacation days this year.

  8. Sounds wonderful. I love that LA already loves you - enough to name a street after you! And thank goodness you found a farmers market! Can't wait to hear more...

  9. shannon1:44 PM

    i'm so jealous. i love LA.

    i'm on vacation too. but i'm just at home. it still beats working. ;)


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