Sunday, September 10, 2006

Monarchs & Matriarchs: Sunday with Mama

I know it's not really autumn yet, but we've still been blessed with a spot of cool weather. I can hardly wait; this is my all-time favorite time of year!

So, Mom and I nix'd the shopping today, and took a stroll through Meadowbrook park. I'm always drawn to the public gardens there, I love watching the progression from seedlings to overgrown autumn chaos.

As luck would have it, today seemed to be Butterfly Day. There's a bed of flowers at the West end of the gardens that were teeming with Monarch butterflies. Mom and I were completely mesmerized with hundreds of them flitting about, and spent a good 45 minutes pretty much standing around the same patch.

You kind of had to be there. But here are a few shots I got, with the old cam, small enough to carry with me everywhere. The pictures were alright, but trust me, they don't do the moment any justice.

Notice there's practically a butterfly for every bud here.

Extreme Close Up! Party Time! Excellent!

This one came out a little dark, so I Photoshop'd it to enhance the colors. It's a bit fakey here, but still. You get the idea?

Butterflies were willing to share, at least those blossoms that didn't have much to offer:

"Hey, baby, what's your sign?" Anyone want to tell the guy on the right that he's barking up the wrong tree?

Back to the butterflies.

I have to confess that just for giggles, I gave the entire jungle a bit of a shake, just to see what would happen.

Imagine standing in the midst of Monarch Tornado. It was so suprising and disorienting that all I could do was stand there and giggle with my my mother.

Like I said. You had to be there.

Go there.


  1. Sounds very nice! I can't imagine the "tornado!"

    We have a huge butterfly bush by our deck and sit and watch the butterflies hang out and flutter for hours. The bird feeder is hanging there too, so there are tons of birds and squirrels and chipmunks... The cats watch too. We call it "Joe TV"... (poor Joe!)

  2. Thats sounds nice .. here we are not blessed with weather like out there .. One mono* season ..


  3. I saw tropical butterflies yesterday, beautiful bright blue at the Vancouver Aquarium.

    I giggle at butterflies too!

  4. Hee hee, when you commented on my blog I wasn't sure if you liked bugs, but I come over here and here you are blogging about bugs!

    Although, ahem, yours are MUCH prettier than most of the ones I saw at the Bug Zoo.

    I'd love to see a Monarch, but they don't fly about in my neck of the woods. The Swallow-Tails are pretty though.

  5. What beautiful pictures ! Why don't you join photoHunters ? I did it with my photo blog and it's a lot of fun !

  6. Wendy: That does like a lovely little animal haven to sit and have tea over.

    Ilaiy: You can laugh in January.

    Tai: I've never seen bright blue butterflies in person! I hear there are blue fireflies in South America somewhere. THOSE I'd like to see.

    Spider Girl: Ha! You got me there. Still, I'd not have stuck around for a macro shot of that tarantula you were holding! I'd have high-tailed it back to the car, locked the doors, and burned rubber.

    Gattina: I'll check out PhotoHunters. I have a SmugMug account that I use; are they similar?

  7. "Hey, baby, what's your sign?" Anyone want to tell the guy on the right that he's barking up the wrong tree?

    Why is it that 'men' never know when to quit!!!


    Lovely pics..!!

  8. Great pictures. Glad you got some quality time w/ your mom.

  9. Sounds cool - not so sure I will go there though.

  10. Great post! I came within 1 mouse click of submitting the tequila face picture to
    That would be a riot. BUt I figured a) it might get him in trouble and b) I didn't have your permission. Now warn him and post that picture to FARK for a proper photoshopping! :-)

  11. You could take a photo with a cardboard box [camera]and I would love it!

    Love the butterflies. And the wooly worm!

  12. Stunning photos, great eye for a beautiful, and even beauty in something less ordinary.


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