Saturday, September 09, 2006

I didn't! Yay!

I'm home from vacation, and basking in doing nothing but working around the house. And puttering, I do love to putter.

Alas, I was forced to run out to That Place: Walmart. Laundry soap. Diet Coke. That's all I needed, to get through my day. In & out!

I approached the 10-items or less checkout, only to stand around while the clerk explained to the customer in front of me, exactly how it was that Steve Irwin died. She was clearly not a multi-tasker. As she drew little pictures in the air of the shape of a stingray, the 2 or 3 items in need of being rung up sat on the belt.

In a not so subtle gesture, I gave my soap & coke a push up the belt, giving the customer in front of me a little roll of my eyes, as if to say, "it's hard to find good help these days, isn't it?"

It was revealed soon enough, though, that the clerk was the most sane of the two. The order in front of me came a grand total of $4.33.

The customer in front of me pulled out a VISA card, and a $5 bill.

"I would like to put $2.80 on the VISA card, and pay the rest in cash, only I want to conduct the cash transaction first."

You know, there are some days in which it's an enormous accomplishment if you can go to sleep knowing you didn't murder anyone.


  1. Your vacation blogs were great! This a.m. I went to Target and the person in front of me paid in 1 roll of quarters, 1 roll of nickels and some loose change. I briefly thought of accidently running him down in the parking lot, but then realized he'd get to his car I just SMILED at him.

  2. Infuriating. And you know how I feel about Wal-Mart.

    Welcome home.

  3. I know! It drives me freaking crazy. The better question is how did morons like this a) get a job and b) get a credit card.

    I bitched..uh hum...I mean blogged about this awhile back.

  4. Good grief!! WHy did he have to pay 2:80 on his visa? I've been behind an UNattended trolley , which (after looking around ) I went in front of ....only to have the lady return a good 3 minutes later..GLARING at me for being brash enuff to cut the line. HONESTLY unattended trolleys should have a sign..."back in five"!!

  5. If you remember, Mr Grumpy here had a similar rant awhile back. I could devote a whole blog to supermarket checkouts but no one would believe me!

    You controlled yourself well. If it was me, he'd be the one rolling his eyes as the coke bottle ended up where it didn't fit. I'd hang onto the soap though!

  6. Miss Bossy Pants- OMG!! the splitting of the bill for under 5 dollars!! I never heard of such a thing.

    But then again, today I paid at the PX with $8.95 in POGS...guess I would be a guilty one in your book.

  7. Were the customer Puerto Rican by any chance??

  8. LOL. Be glad that she/he didn't pull out the check book for $1 :)

  9. Jodie: Smiling at them! That'll teach 'em! My sister shakes her finger at bad drivers, as if scolding them. She said someone did it to her once and made her feel terrible, so now she does it.

    Wendy: I'm with you. But crap! I can't drive an extra 12 miles just for soap and soda! What's a girl to do?

    MK99: It is a mystery, isn't it?

    Edina: Nice to see you back. We don't have a trolley here...but still amusing that you got busted.

    Dogbait: Oh boy, I'm bringing YOU with me next time. And my camera, of course.

    Barry: POGS! God, I think I've been in line behind you also!

    MaryP: Not Puerto Rican, why, are all the customers crazy there too?!

    Twisted: Aw, you always find that silver lining! You're right: could have been worse.


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