Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gone Baby Gone

As long as I'm tossing out random notes today, I'll throw this in.

I was very excited the other day to read that Ben Affleck is making Dennis Lehane's Gone, Baby, Gone into a movie. I'm sure someone, somewhere, in the past has heard me say "Mark my words, this book will be made into a movie!"

But they made Lehane's Mystic River, first, which was also a pretty good choice. (I predicted that one too, long before it was chosen for a film.) I hope they do as good with translating this one onto the big screen as they did with Mystic.


  1. I live in Boston -- Dennis Lehane and Ben Affleck country. When they filmed Mystic River, it was very cool because they came to my formerly working-class neighborhood to shoot bar scenes and churches.

  2. That IS cool. I'm very excited about this one; I'll spend the night at the theater to be the first in line.


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